Image Hotspots

Image Hotspot Resizing Issue

Hi there,


A client is having an issue where one of the image hotspots is not behaving like all the others despite the settings being exactly the same. 

The 1st hotspot screenshot is correct, the 2nd hot spot screenshot: the hotspot doesn't fit the page nicely.


The settings for ALL of the hotspots are exactly the same, I have provided screenshots for them too.


Please advise.

Subtitles missing in image hotspots

Hi We have encountered a bug when putting in subtitles for video displayed in image hotspots. The video file link is from vimeo, and the text is uploaded as webVTT. The three dots where you can choose subtitle will not appear. In other similar image hotspots, it works, but disapears when changing between subtitles. Have tested with multiple browsers, and still the same outcome. Have attached 2 pictures showing the missing dots where you choose subtitles and a picture showing how the subtitle is placed as webvvt file. BR Vegard

interactive book / image hotspots


I was wondering if you could consider adding the option of uploading different images for different hotspots icons? 

For now, there is the option of adding one image for the icon, even if there are multiple hotspots.

Thank you :) 

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