Image Hotspots

Image Hotspots not loading in Safari 14 (Catalina)

Hi there,

A client of mine has experienced the following bug. Of all the different content types we use, only the Image Hotspots content type doesn't load on Safari 14 on Mac OS Catalina. I am unable to reproduce the bug, because I do not have access to the browser myself, neither on my machine and not on Browserstack either.

The h5p version we are using is version 1.15.0. The content type version is 1.9.0.

The iframe for the content seems to be loading, but it is assigned a height of 1px, and not the height of the actual content.

Issue with Exiting Full Screen in Image Hotspot

I've found an issue where a user who enters fullscreen to view image hotspots is unable to exit fullscreen even after hitting Esc, and the lack of a "close" button makes this doubly troubling. This works fine when viewed in a standard web browser but fails when the page is viewed from within an application (e.g., Teams).

For example, when an H5P Image Hotspot is expanded to fullscreen from a channel tab in MS Teams, it fails to expand but instead glitchs and locks the screen with no close option.