Hotspots in Course Presentation


I wonder if it's possible to add hotspots in course presentation, or to add an image with hotspots in course presentation.

Any idea ?

Otherwise, it can be an idea an improvment ;-)


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Yes, there's an example I've seen in the h5P examples where someone took a Carribean Island parade float in the shape of a colorful fish, and added hot spots. Where you click on the hotspot and information about some aspect of the parade float comes up. It's one of the first examples that comes up in if I remember.

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Hi Everyone,

The Image Hotspot is not included in Course Presentation. However there is an option in "Text" and "Image" in Course Presentation to be inserted as a button. I have created a simple content here to demonstrate this. Feel free to download and upload it to your systems.


Thank you - this is helpful!

Thank you - this is helpful!