Students get IP Blocked ocassionally

Moodle 3.9.2 (Build: 20200914) Estructura H5P v1.24 (h5plib_v124)

Good afternoon. I've got a problem that students get IP blocked. Get ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT on Chrome. And they have to use the phone's data to enter the website again. Like if their IP is the issue and I have to call the hosting and tell them their IP so they can do something. This only happens in the website where H5P is heavily used. All lessons are columns that have interactive videos and other exercises inside of them. ¿What could be done so it doesn't happen?

Thank you very much for  your quick responses.

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Hi gcfattor!

This is the first time I hear about such an issue. What does the hosting provider say is actually causing IP adresses to be blocked (that's not something that H5P does)?