Course Presentation : Can we target a specific slide using URL?


I would like to allow learner to open a Course Presentation (CP) activity at a specific slide from another CP activity. In other word : 

In the same Moodle Course : 

From CP-A > Slide 1 > Link ==> Opens CP-B in a new window or tab > Slide 5

From CP-B, the learner can navigate back and forth in this CP. Once it is done, the learner can close window/tab and return to CP-A window/tab.

Possible? How?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi Fleblanc!

What you describe is the "save content state" feature that the H5P plugin for moodle offers. If activated in the plugin settings, then users who are logged in can continue where they left of when they return (for many content types, not just Course Presentation).

I don't think that moodle's own H5P integration that's in moodle's core since moodle version 3.8 supports this feature, however.

Oh, and no: there's no way of directly jumping to a slide by URL. That would need to be added and probably be complicated to do as you have multiple Course Presentations as subcontent of other content types, too.



Thanks Oliver

I see that the Interactive Book activity provides specific URLs for each page. I will see if this workaround is suitable for my project.