Branching options don't show immediately at end of video segment


I've created a branching scenario, and my first segment is a regular video upload.

At the end of the video, my first branching scenario automatically pops up on the screen and the user can choose an option.

One of the choices is an interactive video. At the end of this interactive video, there is again another branching scenario. But this scenario does not pop up automatically on the screen. This time the user has to click proceed instead of being presented with their options. How can I get the branching scenario to automatically pop up?

Is it only not happening because it's an interactive video rather than a regular video upload?

Thanks for your help.

Branching scenario not automatically showing
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Hi samkary,

This is by design, "Video" does not have any other options except to play it while "Interactive Video" may have interactions that have not been answered which the user may want to come back to before moving on.