Adding Closed Captioning for Interactive Videos

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I am working on creating an interactive, accessible online course in Canvas. I like the interactive videos that H5P offers, however, I don't understand how to add closed captioning to them. If I upload a video from Youtube or Kaltura (both of which offer AI closed captioning), how do I get these captions to transfer to my video in H5P?

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Adding closed captioning to interactive videos
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Hi Katia!

If you're hosting the videos on YouTube, then you don't need to do anything except use the subtitles that YouTube generates automatically and create "manual" subtitles from them, so basically just clone them. H5P will then add a button to select subtitles - YouTube's interface does not allow to use the automatically generated subtitles, that's why that extra step is required.

If you're uploading video files, you'll need to create subtitles in the WebVTT format and upload them in the editor.