360 text and/or image as in Image with multiple hotspot

Hi to H5P team and many thanks for all those programming

I would to use in VT360 a possibility that exists in Image with multiple hotspot. In this module the hot spot is a set of texts and images that appear in a window with a scrolling bar. Very usefull to add an image to the explanation

In VT360 I can have or a text or an image but not both of them in the same pop up window,

I tried to generate as an image my set of explanation and image but when viewed there's no scrolling bar and the image size is forced to the size of the working window so all my presentation is compressed to fit in this working window, the result is quite bad.

So, is it possible to have in VT360 the same possibilities as in Image with Multiple HotSpot for the pop up windows?

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Hello Andun,
would you please first explain in more detail what exactly VT360 is.
I would also ask you to bear in mind that this forum is not so much intended to address the developers as the users and dedicated external developers. In fact, I think your request belongs in the "Feature requests" forum, where it would have a better chance of being read.
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Hello Villon

Thanks for your answer, you're totally right, I'm going to repost my message in the right forum.

And to answer your question, VT360 is for Virtual Tour 360°, a module where you can progress with navigation buttons in different view (spherical view or plane view)

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