"Guess the Sentence" papi Jo renamed "Guess It"

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Back in 2020 I released my H5P Guess the Sentence activity. I have just added a Guess the Words option/feature 'a la Wordle'.

This new mode mimics the Wordle popular game in which you have to guess a single word of 4 to 8 letters using several attempts to find out what letters it contains. It is best played by using the option "Allow users to enter their own word", and playing against another player in front of the computer/tablet/phone.

Note.- Since this H5P 'papi Jo' activity now allows guessing either single words or sentences, it has been renamed from "Guess the Sentence" to "Guess It".

As usual H5P Guess It (papi Jo) is available on my Drupal HP test site at https://www.rezeau.org/drupal/

Excellent update. Thank you!