Drag The Words (long choices) Depends on Where You Grab

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I got a question from a user who described issues with using Drag the Words for longer choices (sentence length) the drag selection was continually returned on their attempt (no example provided). I did advise the usual suggesion that it is meant for words or phrases and suggest a different content type.

But I was curious to test it myself, here is a quick example I uploade

What I did notice is that the ability to drag a long item depends on the location of the first click and maybe the location of the drop. So if I clicked on a sentence length item on the left side, I could drag and drop it into one of the left side boxes, but if my first click on the sentence was in the middle or on the right, side, I could not get a drop to stick. See attached screenshot.

Does this make sense? I am more curious how the type works for my own understanding (I do not think sentences are good for drag and drop!)


drag and drop depends on click location
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Hi cogdog,

What is happening here is that when dropping the draggable the drop zone is detecting the mouse pointer if it is on top of it. When picking up the draggable further to the right normally a user would drop it when the first part of the sentence/phrase is on top of the drop zone does the drop zone is not detecting the mouse pointer.

I have reported this to the developers and have suggested that the drop zones should instead detect the draggrable not the mouse pointer. No timelines though if and when this will be resolved.