OpenLabyrinth does H5P widgets


OpenLabyrinth is a free, open-source, educational research platform. (

It was originally designed as a virtual patient authoring and publishing application but has grown greatly over the past few years into a very powerful, branching narrative tool, with all sorts of features that are useful for those in educational research. 

We have been experimenting with H5P widgets on our WordPress site. We were so delighted with how well these work that we have now incorporated the H5P framework/infrastructure into our OpenLabyrinth code base. This means that we can insert H5P widgets directly into OLab cases and nodes. This gives us a nice extension to the interactive user tools available to our case authors. 

We have been working with ADL's Experience API (xAPI) since January and so we were delighted to find that H5P also does xAPI. So, now we are not only able to include H5P widgets in our OpenLabyrinth cases, but we are also able to track user interactivity into a common LRS

We have a few ideas of our own that we hope to build into our own widgets and contribute back to this Community. 

Anyone who wants to learn more about OpenLabyrinth is welcome to contact us through the web site. 

Here is an example which shows the H5P widgets within an OpenLabyrinth case. 

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Thank you for sharing. Very interesting!