Further spread of H5P

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Morning community

I wonder how H5P can be more widely used as a tool to support teaching.

I see zum.apps rightly enquiring whether copyright has been properly documented, yet this is a hard hurdle for some users.

I see 4teachers not knowing or accepting H5P as a file upload, must be packed there as a zip first.

Perhaps you have had other experiences and would like to share them


Moin Gemeinde

ich frage mich, wie H5P als Hilfsmittel zur Unterstützung von Unterricht weiter verbreitet werden kann.

Ich sehe zum.apps die zu Recht anfragen, ob die Urheberrechte ordentlich dokumentiert wurden, dennoch ist dies eine schwere Hürde für einige Benutzer.

Ich sehe 4teachers, die H5P als Dateiupload nicht kennen oder akzeptieren, muss dort erst als zip gepackt werden.

Vielleicht habt ihr andere Erfahrungen gemacht und möchtet diese teilen




I just inquired with TpT and they sugfest uploading a zip file, which I wouldn't want since then people will be primarily uploading them here interfering with my copyright.

I've seen some people use word press but I want it to be locked behind an student account on a site so it's only accessible for paying customers. The best option I've found for this was Podia, but you have to pay for the site as well as H5P.com. I did consider lumi but I'm not tech savvy enough to host these on my own site yet.