Multilanguage User Select Feature

Is it possible to change the language feature so you don't have to pick one main language for activity types but you allow the user to control or pick what language they'd like to translate h5p activities into? As wonderful as the comprehensive list of languages availalbe to add translations to activity types to is, it is very difficult, as I'm sure everyone who develops content knows, to develop the activities into a wide range of languages if each activity has to be downloaded and then reloaded to change the language setting. Wouldn't it be more useful to learning designers and users if the user could select the translation? If this exists in h5p, please tell me where and if it doesn't how can we work on creating it?

Secondly, if this doesn't exist within h5p, is there another type of browser plug in or other plug in that will translate the pages including the h5p activities that someone knows of?

Thanks so much!

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