Cloudflare for Interactive Video

Hi there,

I posted in the "featured request" section over a week ago and have not got any response as of yet. So i'm posting here to see if anyone has any insight.


Is there no way you can support Cloudflare Video?

Currently we ar limitted to Youtube, Vimeo etc. And the extension needs to end with .mp4. This is so restricitive in my opnion. Cloudflare video is far more superior than Vimeo when it comes video delivery. And Youtube just does not cut it, as video are not private.

I believe you used to suport this, but I could be wrong. After all the video uploaded to Cloudflare is in an .mp4 format.

Adding an mp4 video file into the media section of the site is also big no.

Maybe another option is to at least support Video Embeds. 


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