"Validating h5p package failed."--Pressbooks plugin "Add New" fail

I tried to install the Column activity in Pressbooks using the plug-in "Add New" in Pressbooks. I got an error message that "Validating h5p package failed" and under that it said: Missing required library H5P.Question 1.5

Content types: 
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Hi Sharon!

That would happen if the H5P file contains content that was created with a later version of one of the content types. If that later version is not installed on your platform, the content will not run. For those cases, all the required libraries are provided inside the H5P file, and H5P will try to install those from the file. However, you'll need to have the appropriate rights on the platform. Otherwise H5P can't install the missing libraries (here H5P.Question 1.5) from the H5P file. Some platform administrator might need to help you out - either update the H5P content types on the platform or upload the file for you.