ERROR: H5P cannot be downloaded for offline use in Moodle Mobile App

Good day!

We have been using h5p as one of the main authoring tools we use for our learning platform since 2018. However, this is the first time we encountered an error saying "This file cannot be displayed because it has been uploaded by a user without capability to deploy h5p content". We received this error when we tried to download a lesson with a course presentation in it. The course presentation is uploaded in the content bank by a user which is now unenrolled in the course. 

We tried reuploading the h5p using another enrolled teacher account but the error still remains.

Are there any way to fix this? 

Thank you!

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Hi bvluna!

You mentioning the content bank makes me assume that you're not using the H5P plugin for H5P, but moodie's custom H5P integration. The latter was not created by the H5P core team, but by moodle HQ. While it's possible that someone here knows the answer, you might have better chances of getting one if you ask on the moodle forums.