More than one goals page in documentation tool?

Hi all, 

Just a quick question, maybe it's an error? When I try to have 2 goals pages (for 2 different types of goals) in the documentation tool, in the export it will only show me reponses from the last goals page and not both. I made sure to have text in both pages but it's completely skipping the first goals page. Is only one goals page allowed? 

Also the goals page shows at the very end on the export regardless of where it is in the documentation tool. I don't like that either. 

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Hi seratsuki,

The documentation tool is designed to have only one goals page. I gues the rationale behind it is that one documentation tool content one kind of project hence just one goal page. For the goals being at the bottom I'm afraid this cannot be change as well not unless there are changes made to the code.