Documentation Tool

Please allow exporting of "text" elements in the documentation tool. Kind of ridiculous this doesn't already exist.

Title says it all. Why can't we export the text elements in the documentation tool?

I am finding myself growing more and more frustrated with H5P because of small, odd inconveniences like this. I do not see any reason why this could not be a toggle-able feature.

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Adding more to an already existing content type

Hey everyone,

I'm trying to make a fork of an already existing H5P activity.

I want it to be a lot like the Documentation tool and Interactive book combined. I'd like to include things like questions, pictures, drag and drop activities, and fill in the blank exercises in the Documentation tool. This way, I can make a page that students can then turn in with more information than just text.

Documentation Export type has "hidden" attribute applied.

Hello guys, in the Document Export Page (1.5.12) there seem to be 2 different bugs:

1. If the goals page is not added, there is a javascript error in console: "caught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'inputArray') " but the page was not required or indicated as required anywhere. For the user not adding that page, there is no way to tell why the export is not working. In "this.hasAssessedGoals = this.inputGoals.inputArray.some((function(t) {" in h5p-document-export-page.js the inputGoals is undefined if no corresponding page is added.