Documentation Tool

Standard page with image upload blank


This saas is great. I just found it today, and it's super-cool.

However, for the life of me, I can't figure out why there's nothing on a standard page that has an image upload element on it. It's completely blank inside the Documentation Tool.

So far, I've tried:

  • Chrome
  • Chrome incognito
  • Firefox
  • adding to php.ini
  • Permissions on /wp-content/uploads/h5p
  • Restarting the server
  • Turning off my adblocker
  • Searching this forum and using Google to search as well.

It's just completely blank.

Documentation tool

It's not so much a bug but something that was forgotten to be added to the customization options.

The documentation tool allows to customize the naming of the "Goals", which is great, because one may use the tool for something else (as I am). 

1) On the goals assessment page, heading of the table can not be changed and whatever you rebrand your category, it always says "goals" on the top left.

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Developing a Workbook

adamrusch's picture

Hi folks,

I'm working on a project to bring a "taditional" course with a workbook online to a custom Moodle LMS.  The approximate format of the course is: Watch a video, have a discussion, write down reflections in a workbook.  We want to host the video on our Moodle course, provide a discussion forum, and then provide some sort of virtual workbook.