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Upgraded to Moodle 4.1 as a test but none of the H5P activites copied over

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Hi I recently upgraded my moodle site from 3.11 to 4.1 and everything went smoothly. I am think though I am going to  have to roll it back to 3.11 again because not one of the H5P activities copied over with moodledata and all the courses are devoid of any H5P activities. Before I do a roll back is there an easy way of accessing my H5P content and getting the activities to load in the courses as they were in the 3.11 version of moodle. 

I was really excited about upgrading and really thought that H5P was complatible with Moodle 4.11

More than one goals page in documentation tool?

Hi all, 

Just a quick question, maybe it's an error? When I try to have 2 goals pages (for 2 different types of goals) in the documentation tool, in the export it will only show me reponses from the last goals page and not both. I made sure to have text in both pages but it's completely skipping the first goals page. Is only one goals page allowed? 

Also the goals page shows at the very end on the export regardless of where it is in the documentation tool. I don't like that either. 

Documentation Tool: Submit Button of Export Page

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When I click on the "Submit" button in the "Documentation tool", neither the attempt tracking nor the created file is displayed in the attempts area. However, the setting for this is set (Enable attempt tracking: yes - Grading: Points).

In the attempt tracking, only this message is displayed if the option " goals" is included: "This interaction (fill-in) does not provide tracking information or the tracking provided is not compatible with the current activity version".

We have installed version 1.8.12.