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Documentation Export type has "hidden" attribute applied.

Hello guys, in the Document Export Page (1.5.12) there seem to be 2 different bugs:

1. If the goals page is not added, there is a javascript error in console: "caught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'inputArray') " but the page was not required or indicated as required anywhere. For the user not adding that page, there is no way to tell why the export is not working. In "this.hasAssessedGoals = this.inputGoals.inputArray.some((function(t) {" in h5p-document-export-page.js the inputGoals is undefined if no corresponding page is added.

Documentation Tool Not Tracking


I'm running Moodle 3.11. The Documentation Tool is not tracking attempts. Students cannot review past attempts and the report, while stating there are numberst to review, shows this error:

"This interaction (fill-in) does not provide tracking information or the tracking provided is not compatible with the current activity version."

This appears for each input added in the Tool. Any thoughts?

Documentation Tool

It would be very useful if the documentation tool could be used to accumulate several additions. For example, used as a journal.

I often create journaling activities in courses but currently, the documentation tool exports each use separately to a different document file. It would be great if the documentation tool could open a document on a local computer so that more captured data could be added to the document, then saved again to the local computer.

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