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Documentation Tool - Including Rich Media


I really like the documentation tool and that it can also be used as a very clean 'tracked' module of learning. The page names to the side of the main content area make it a great tool for chunking content and delivering it in a simple and structured module.

At the moment this tool only has the option to include text and/or forms in the main content areas.

I am not sure if it is possible but it would be great to be able to include video, images, etc, in the current text based content areas. 

Just a thought.

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Documentation tool export text with <h3> text

We've discovered that when using the export text option in Documeation tool the docx generated only properly format down to h2 level headings.

We used a few <h3> text in our exmaple and they came out with the <h3> tags and all the other formatting tags applied to it as it is. That is they looked something like "<h3><strong>some sample text</strong></h3>" in the Word document generated.

Using the 'select text' option then paste into a blank Word document had no problem.

We are using the WordPress plug in.

Documentation Tool


I think it would be good if the documentation tool would enable the user (or implementer) to change the name of the exported file. For example, if a teacher wants a group of students to complete a document on Topic X, when the document is exported, the file could be named accordingly - as opposed to "exported-text". 

(A potential case: A junior high classroom with shared computers. If multiple students use a single computer, they could potentially submit the incorrect file)