Documentation Tool

Documentation Tool - Save user data?

I'm using the documentation tool to build an action planning worksheet for a class. I think it lends itself to this quite well. However, it doesn't appear to save the user's data. I am deploying the class in Moodle and anytime I leave the tool and then come back, it is empty. I do have "Save content state" enabled in the H5P Moodle plugin settings.

Documentation Tool not available in Create New Content

I wasn't really sure where to put this, but I was trying to create a new activity based on the "Documentation Tool" and if I go into My Account on this website and choose Create New Content, this tool doesn't show up as one of the choices under Select Content Type.

Fortunately I am just BRILLIANT (that's sarcasm there) and I was able to go to the Examples and Downloads page and clone the content from there.

Just thought I should let someone know about this!