Documentation Tool

Prevent learners from submitting their answers in the Documentation Tool


I have designed an activity using the Documentation Tool which asks learners to track their mobile app usage and reflect upon that.

Learners have the option to export this as a file, which is great, because they can keep a copy.

But they can also submit this so that we, teachers in the course, can see it. But in this case we don't want to see it, as it's for reflection only.

At the moment I cannot see an easy way for preventing them to submit it, apart from telling them not to do so.

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Documentation Tool running along side of course

Ok love h5p and Documentation Tool is just what I need :)
Now I would love to have the documentation tool run along side the (moodle) course ie,
activity 1 and then fill out documentation tool question 1, activity 2 then documentation tool question 2... etc

Output all documentation tool questions.

Possiable? any thoughts?

Missing the Submit button

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When I create a Documentation Tool project (in Moodle), the Submit button is not available on the page that appears after clicking "Create document." Your example shows Submit, Export text and Select all text along with the X for exiting. How do we get the submit button to appear? And, if we have the submit button, what is the function of that button?