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Hi there!

I need to update all H5P activities on my LMS where the "Interactive Book" and "Course Presentation" content types have been used so that the summary slide (allowing users to submit their answers) is displayed. There is QUITE  a lot of H5P activities on the LMS and I was wondering if this process could be made a bit easier. Is there perhaps a way to:

1) Obtain a list of H5P activities where these content types have been used?

2) Bulk update the relevant settings (screenshots attached)?



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Hi Danika,

would you please also tell us which LMS you are using. That would be helpful. Otherwise, this is a request with a photo of an engine part that has been installed in different cars and that you want to exchange for a newer part, without saying what the specifications of your car are. 



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The details will vary depending on the platform that you are running H5P on, but you'd have to query the H5P database tables and update them accordingly. There's no inbuilt functionality for this.