Mobile Interactive Video Not Supported

Hello sir,

Thank you so much for creating this plug-in, i love this plugin more & more.

i need little solution from all of you.

i create interactive video. pasted iframe code to wordpress website.

desktop view is working perfectly but, mobile view not supported video format showing. any help always be appreciated.




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Hi Shyamal,

Would you mind providing the following:

  1. OS of the mobile device
  2. Browser/s and version
  3. URL of the content

Please be advised that the Interactive Video is not doing anything special with the videos you upload, and we are using the web browser's built-in video players. I.e: if you see any issues with the video, the most probable reason is that it is not optimized for the web. If you have created this video, you should check what options you have when creating the video file. Maybe there are some options to web optimize it? If not, you could e.g. use Handbrake ( to optimize your video. Handbrake comes with presets, and you could e.g. use "Web -> Vimeo YouTue HQ 1080p60".


OS - Android 9 ( i try as many as mobile device, but problem still coming)

Browser - chrome ( ver - chrome 101.0.4951.61)

url is -


sir, i am using bunny net stream. my link coming from bunny stream

sir, i try my best, please help me BV52 sir. i am unhappy. please sir

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Hi Shyamal,

Did you try my suggestion?


Hi, I have searched the internet to determine why the mobile h5p quiz or video won't work. I hope there is an answer from you. I found many posts back in 2017 same issue, but nowhere can I find the solution. Is there one?

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Hi dtrick,

Did you try what I suggested above? This documentation from our friend Oliver may also help. If these does not help I suggest that you create a new thread here and provide as much information as you can.