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I've been using H5P (paid account) with the Canvas LTI integration for a few years now without any major issues. Starting the end of last week, I've been getting error messages about third-party cookies. (see 3rdPartyCookiesError.jpg attached) It happens when I try to add more H5P content while editing a page in Canvas. I was using the latest version of Firefox. I made the suggested changes with no improvement. I tried restarting the browser, emptying the cache, and even setting it to accept all cookies all the time, but nothing helps. I also tried switching to Chrome, but it displays the error on page load since there is H5P content already added to the page, not just when I try to insert more H5P content into the page. (see ChromeH5Perror.jpg attached) Any help you could offer would be appreciated. Thanks. 

Additionally, in a separate problem, when I went to the website and tried using the search function to find info in the 3rd party cookies issue, I got another error message related to the search form. (see H5Psearcherror.jpg attached)

Help! 3rd party cookies errors in Canvas with LTI integration
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