Interactive video using microsoft stream as input ?

Hi everybody,

I have a question, for confidentialities purposes, I don't want to use a Youtube channel to host my videos to be used in relation with the "interactive video" module.

In our company we have microsoft stream, and I'm asking for myself if it would be possible to host the video on stream and use them in H5P to make them interactive?

I'm asking you the question because I need to ask the IT dpt to grant me the access to stream, and I would like to be sure this will work because I think it's an option which will generate an extra-cost.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Hi David,

Theoretically you can use any streaming/file hosting service to host your videos. As long as they provoide the direct link to the video. Most video streming platforms provides the "player" URL and H5P cannot use this.