Single Choice Set solutions not randomized


I have the same 3 possible solutions and different sentences that always fit just one of the solutions. I've made a single choice set, but the randomized solutions are confusing. Is it possible to have the solutions always in the same order?
Or can you think of a better way to create this excercise?

For example: (fat = correct solution)

1. „Sport ist mein Lieblingsfach, weil ich gut darin bin.“
Wertbezogene Aussage
Kontroll- und wertbezogene Aussage

2. „Mein Hassfach ist RZG, weil ich es langweilig finde und nichts verstehe.“
Wertbezogene Aussage
Kontroll- bzw. erwartungsbezogene Aussage

3. „Frau x konnte mit uns chillig umgehen.“
Wertbezogene Aussage
Kontroll- und wertbezogene Aussage

I would like to have all solutions listed as in the first task.

Thank you for the help.

Single Choice Set
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Hi Nina,

Single Choice Set does not have this option since the editor will always have the first option as the correct answer which will make it easy for students to get the perfect score. However if I may suggest you can use Quiz (Question Set) as a substitute then use Multiple Choice instead of Single choice questions. Multiple choice have an option to disable randomizing the answer under the its behavioural settings.