Single Choice Set

custom CSS moodle (or Desktop) doesn't change anything

Nothing ever changes.

i did the H5PMod from

it does need  $THEME->haseditswitch = true;

so i think it is active

I tried setting all the libraries, not just H5P.InteractiveVideo

and various elements, in the custom.css and in .h5p archives from Desktop app.

nothing ever changes.

What can i do to locate the missing piece?


How to combine text field with multiple choice in one question?

I am new to H5P (but proficient with HTML and CSS if this matters but I think it does not).

Text field and multiple choice

How do I approach situations with several steps. e. g.:

  1. Task: Translate the word "apple" to German and select the category which is most fitting.
  2. Input: Freeform text field with validation.
  3. Multiple Choice: fruit, vegetable, pasta, meat, milk, sweets

How do I build a task like this?

This is just the most simple combination question I can think of. Here are some more complex things I would like to build:

Grades do not show in the Moodle Grader Report for Single Choice Set and Summary


We use H5P Core in Moodle 4.1
We added some H5Ps to our courses. For 2 types there are problems. We get a result in the H5P, we get also a Moodle Attempts Report. But the grades do not show in the Moodle Grader Report.
The 2 types with this problem are: Single Choice Set and Summary.

I searched on Moodle Tracker