Single Choice Set

Some content types don't work in Course Presentation



I run a Moodle plattform and I came across this very puzzling problem:

A Course Presentation one of my authors designed was shown in the Moodle course, but when you click on it, it is not displayed on the next page, that is empty. If you want to work on it, that's possible, but the results cannot be shown.

After some very extensive fiddling, I hit on the fact that "Single Choice Set", "Drag and Drop" and "Drag Text" cause the problem. When I remove them, it runs just fine.

Previsualisation is ok but the game do not appear on my blog


I created a game for my blog and the previsualisation is ok but when I edited the article, the game disappear. I tried many things but it is not working :-(

Could you help me please ?

game : single choice set / blog's theme : busiprof

thank you very much