Single Choice Set

cannot see submitted attempts in Embed

Hi, I created a column with text and a single choice question, and embeded it directly on Moodle. However, if students complete the question directly from the embedded frontpage, I cannot see the submitted responses. If students complete the question by opening the H5P activity, I can see the submitted responses. Any idea on this? I really would like to embed the important question on the front page so students wouldn't miss it. Thanks!!

not showing the correct answer in Single Choice questions

This is not a bug more of a visual problem with multiple answer and single Choice questions.

when user selects the wrong anwer, the wrong answer is highlighted in red 

the correct answer, on the other hand, is not shown in green highlight. it only shows a dot inside

this creates confusion among users on my website as they do not see a green highlight, which is a universal sign of the correct answer.

I am really looking forward to fixing this and if there is anything I can do meanwhile, please help.

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