Single Choice Set

Show solutions Single Choice Set-Course Presentation

When Creating a single choice set in a Course presentation, and disable the sound effects, The show Soultions button doens't work, and when you update againg that content sometimes the show solution and the retry buttons don't work


  1. Create a Course Presentation, Create a Single Choice set Activity, Uncheck the "Enable sound effects" option
  2. Moodle,
  3. Desktop
  4. Chrome
  5. 1.5

Behavioural setting in a Single Choice Set


I'm using H5P in Wordpress and since we updated H5P last week I've noticed something odd in the behavioural settings in a "Single Choice Set".

There is a box missing for "Enable sound effects" and the other boxes are misplaced. I've taken a screenshot of it.

I can work around the problem, but it took a while to figure out what boxes belong to which text.