cannot see submitted attempts in Embed

Hi, I created a column with text and a single choice question, and embeded it directly on Moodle. However, if students complete the question directly from the embedded frontpage, I cannot see the submitted responses. If students complete the question by opening the H5P activity, I can see the submitted responses. Any idea on this? I really would like to embed the important question on the front page so students wouldn't miss it. Thanks!!

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Hi wwwlabwy!

The H5P plugin in general doesn't give access to results when embedding the content (in contrast to using the content directly), because this could lead to privacy issues. Others could gain access to the students data by embedding the content on their site. There's no special implementation checking whether the content is embedded on the same site that it is hosted on.

If you need that feature, you should consider moving to moodle's native H5P implementation in moodle 1.10 which seems to support that feature if I interpret the promotion video correctly.


Thanks!!This does make sense!