Branching Scenario - Custom end feedback text colour color

Using our integration it's grey on grey by default & can't be read. It might be the way our integration is set up but I am end user & don't have any way to fix that. I don't have a php, don't know what it is, don't have any way to put it anywhere as an end user of the integration to the LMS. Do I need to request from our own IT support or is this something we can change as an end user who does not do php? 

CBF uploading a screenshot to somewhere so imagine some dark grey text on a dark grey background. That's what it looks like currently. It's illegible on our system. Is this the default? Can we change the default? Is it grey on grey to anyone else?

Is there a code I can write into the box that will format it so it's visible? it's grey on grey at the moment when i view or preview. I don't know how to change the background colour or text. Otherwise I will just use an image to display the text but that's not really ideal for text readers. Does bbcode work or tags?

Also - while I'm here - Is there a way to track how many of the endings a user has reached? I think that'd be fun, since with these sometimes seeing why a wrong choice was wrong is part of the learning experience. It'd be fun to have a "You found X of Y endings!" counter so they can go back through the options and try others to see what they missed (since there is learning in mistakes). 

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The default settings are white text on a grey background, so it's possible there is some CSS (website styling) applied to your H5P integration.

I have been using images on the start and end page, but wish they were bigger.

Great ideas for custom colors and tracking ending! Following this thread, in hopes that these are future updates.