preliminary graphic work

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This post is not so much about H5P, but about the preliminary graphic work to create corresponding graphics. If anyone has a tip on ImageMagick or similar applications. Feel free to share them. I'm currently making a place value chart for which the students have to enter the correct number shown in flashcards, for example. The preliminary graphic work is tedious. I would like to see this made easier. The output should look similar to the attached H5P file.



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One could, of course, write some script that builds those graphics and offers the result for download, but I wouldn't know how to automate this in GIMP or Inkscape or any other graphic processor.



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Hallo Oliver,

inkscape dürfte die am leichtesten umzusetzende Lösung sein, da hier Python als Scriptsprache zum Einsatz kommt. Wobei ich eigentlich dem Weg der Programmierung entsagt hatte, da ich dafür wohl nicht lernfähig genug war. Aber was soll's. Probiere ich das halt. Mit gibt es wohl einen Weg, relativ einfach, diese als Erweiterung in Inkscape umzusetzen, Also falls das jemand brauchen kann.

Liebe Grüße


Hello Oliver,

Inkscape is probably the easiest solution to implement, as it uses Python as a scripting language. I had actually renounced the path of programming, as I was probably not capable enough to learn it. But what the heck. I'll just try it. With there seems to be a way to implement this relatively easily as an extension in Inkscape, in case anyone needs it.

Kind regards