Interactive Book Does not save in Wordpress site

Hi everyone,

Please I urgently need your help. I am using H5P on my wordpress. Only Interactive Book is giving me headache. Whenever I add a new interactive book content or update the existing one, it shows "NOT FOUND: Sorry, no posts matched your criteria."

Sometimes it works well and sometimes it displays this error when I click on Create.

Check the picture below

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That error message is generated by the server, not by H5P - so you'd need to check the PHP error logfile to check what might be going on.


Thanks for your quick response.

Please how to check the Php logfile?

Also, what's the best PHP version for the H5P running in Wordpress?

Also, other H5P contents are working properly, not interactive book has issue. Do you have the current version of Interactive Book pls?

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Hi ai516!

Sorry, but finding more information about PHP logfiles is a job for Google.

Currently, the latest PHP 7 branch works best. There are still some quirks that may happen with PHP 8.

My best guess is that your server/WordPress theme configuration is in conflict with Interactive Book changing the URL in the browser bar, but without further information this will remain guessing. You can always retrieve the latest release version from the H5P Hub (it will tell you that an update is available) or by downloading the sample content and uploading this to your site as an admin.