H5P not loading after Learnpress updates

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I'm using H5P content on an e-learning platform based on Learnpress and after LP (2022-07-05) updates I cannot use it any more, nothing could be loaded.
Platform wordpress 6.0.2 
Both in mobile and desktop
Browser: Brave and Firefox
H5P plugin version 1.15.4 and Learnpress - H5P content version 4.0.0
H5P content type and version: many types, interactive video, find the word. fill blank, hotspot, etc.

I've focused that the problem is the LP August update, but I don't know whether the H5P plugin or the Learnpress - H5P content need to be updated. Thanks for whatever indication you could give me!


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Hi Wop!

If it has been working before the update of LearnPress, it's likely that LearnPress is the culprit (and I don't think it's really the job of the H5P core team to make H5P work for other WordPress plugins).Without proper information, hard to say what the problem is.





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Hi Oliver thanks for your promp reply! Yess you're right, after posting this question i realized it's up to Thimpress to update their plugin ;-) 

And thanks a lot for your great job, I love H5P!



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Hi Iris!

Thank the H5P core team, I am not a part of them :-)