Drag & Drop interactions without forced background



New user here, trying to see if h5p is something for our team to teach (theory) driving lessons.


One use case we are struggling with creating in h5p is the following:

1. Start with a button 'Drag drop exercise'

2. Pauses video, shows draggable items (icons/pictures) and drop-zones sem-transparant jpg/png)

3. drag (draggable items) the items to correct place (dropzone)

4. Click send/see awnser


I have added pictures of what we would want, but annoyances we came across and would want to know if we could change this:

- We cannot have a drag/drop area the same size of the video itself -> this make immersion

- We cannot have the drag/drop ON/IN the video, like a  INTERACTIVE VIDEO should have/do. Instead we are forced to upload some background-image of the video, while the video itself SHOULD BE the backdrop/background for the question (Are we doing something wrong?)

limits of h5p UI design
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Hi GandalfVanDyck,

I'm afraid the feature you are looking for is not available for Interactive Video. The drag and drop activity is a different content type that has been modified to work inside IV. The good news is H5P is open sourced so you or anyone in the community can create or help fund the development of this feature.