Resetting Drag and Drop Pieces


We are creating drag and drop slides for classrooms and we are seeing that when teachers are logged into the website, it is saving their progress (so the drag and drop pieces stay in the drop zone). So if a student wants to do the activity again (or a new student wants to try), there's no way to "reset" the pieces so they can drag and drop again. Refreshing the page does not reset them.

Is there a way to add a "retry" button to a drag and drop slide so it can be reset? Or some other solution so the drag and drop activities can be completed more than once?


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Hi mathgeekmama,

Disabling the save content state in the H5P settings would resolve the issue. Please note that by doing this the feature is disabled for all contents. Another way to resolve this is have the students use their own logins or change your setup where in even if not logged in you can interact with the content. The save content state feature does not work for anonymous users.