Change layout of personality test result page

Loving these plugins, thank you so much.
Wanted to find out, maybe Im just missing this somewhere but -

I am doing a personality test for a client, and they want the final page to have the image above the text result (instead of overlayed on top of the image).
Is there a way to set that? Or I can add some code somewhere to achieve said result?


Content types: 
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Hi Madvis!

The content type "Personality Quiz" was not developed by the H5P core team but was a student project. It's not maintained anymore, so I assume there's nobody who's going to fulfill your wishes. However, like for most content types, the source code for "Personality Quiz" is openly available.


Thank you so much for the quick response and clarifying. Really appreciated, will hopefully be able to find myself around the source code. 



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The code is, hmm, wicked :-D