Edit Interactive book

I'm trying to edit several interactive book activities.

Some I can edit (the smaller ones) some I can't edit (the bigger ones).
The one I have a problem with is 613.322 KB 

Is there a maximum size to edit Interactive books?
I'm using the H5P core plugin of Moodle 3.11.10 (build: 20220912) on a server with PHP 7.4.3

KInd regards

Frans Zwijnenberg

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Hi Frans,

First of are no direct correlation between the size of the content and the ability of editing them, there is nothing in the H5P code that does. However in theory it is possible that it may cause the issue because of system resources or some limitations on the host environment. Also since the version of H5P that you are using was not created by our developers I would suggest that you post a similar question in Moodle's forum. Lastly I would suggest that you provide more information on what is happening when you are trying to edit the content. Saying "Some I can edit (the smaller ones) some I can't edit (the bigger ones)." could mean anything from authoring tool keeps loading, there is an error message etc. a screenshot would also help. The "bugs" forum provides a guide on some relevant information that may be needed.