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I have a WordPress 6.0.2 with the Neve theme and H5p version. When I try to create new content, the system responds: Loading, please wait... I pass screenshot. I tried it on another WP with the same theme and it gives the same error. I changed the wordpress version to 5.9 and had the same problem.

I disabled all the plugins, even the whole theme and it still doesn't work. I've tried it with different browsers, Firefox, Brave and Chrome and it still gives the same error.


Thanks to help.

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If you research what the 403 error means that is popping up all over the place, you'll have your answer (which has nothing to do with H5P). The server process is not allowed to access the directory that H5P content is in, so you should check the access permissions on your server.



I have got the same issue. It worked fine before and now it doesn't.

Can you give a hint how to repair it? What permissions shall I set?