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Hi! First of all, thanks for this great tool. I've recently started using some of H5P content types in my moodle courses and they work great. I have and idea that I think might improve crosswords. As they are designed now, if you set a large crossword (6+ words), the list of clues at the right side is too long, longer than the crossword itself, and forces the user to scroll back and forth between the crossword area and the last clues to complete the task. Maybe, the list could be replaced by a box that shows only one clue: if the user clicks or presses word 1 across, the box shows clue for 1 across; if the user clicks or presses word 7 down, the box shows clue for 7 down, etc. This way, the "playing area" will be more compact.

What do you thik? Thanks again!



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While I understand your problem, I don't like your suggestion. It would break accessibility.

There already is a solution for small displays. Try the crossword on a cellphone or make your browser window narrow. You'll notice that the current clue is shown at the top. So, I think it was better to not do that conditionally based on the screen width, but always if scrolling is an issue.

An alternative solution that revolves around your suggestion would be to expand the list when it gets focus only in order to ensure accessibility, but the UI would feel very unsteady. Also, the latter would mean more coding work, and given that there's no sponsor (please note that Crossword was contract work and that you can use it all is a gift), that task would simply land on my "do when time and leisure" pile. However, the code is openly available. If someone comes up with a design first and pre-qualifies that, this could be done by anyone via a pull request.