File is not allowed- AR Scavenger

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Hi! Help is appreciated! I would like to use AR Scavenger but there is always shown: File isn't accepted- even when I uploaded glTF or glb, bin. Does somebody know what I am doing wrong? I downloaded the demonstration file from h5p- but it didn't work either. 

Is there a special ending the file has to have? 

Thank you in advance!



ar Stavenger glb glTf upload doesn't work
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Hi Nadine!

This has been answered on the forum a couple of times already.


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Hi Otake! Thank you for the hint. But does this procedure work with wordPress? I don't use Moodle but Wordpress. 

Best, Nadine

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As linked to in the post that I mentioned: :-)


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Thank you so much :-) Now it works :-)

Have a nice day!