Branching Content Type - Return to Branching Question

I have a branching question with 5 alternatives.  When 4 of the 5 alternatives are chosen, I want to provide feedback that says those answers are not worng but not the best, and then return to the original branching question.  This doesn't seem possible and is interesting to me. The options for branching off the the alternatives allow me to either pick one of the other contnet items in the branch or a custom end scenario, but not pick an option to return to the branching question I just presented.  The only way I see to do this is to copy and paste the branching question and alternatives again under each wrong alternative so that it shows up again. This is messy and seemingly unneccesary.   Am I missing Something?  

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Hi Mark,

Unfortunately you are correct it is not possible to "loop back" to the previous branching question.


Thanks for the reply. I found a workaround by adding a piece of content in between.