H5P OER Hub integration for WordPress

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Hi all!

Unfortunately, it has become very quiet about the H5P OER Hub. I say "unfortunately", because I really love the idea - and so do other people as I learned today when attending a barcamp about open educational resources.

Maybe this will help: In the first week of October, I sat down and ported the H5P OER Hub integration to WordPress. Just demoed it today at the OERcamp and it worked beautifully - and people liked it.

So, here's the pull request, and here's the ticket for tracking progress. Would be cool if the H5P core team found some time to review and merge the code and if they then released an update of the H5P plugin for WordPress. 


Hi Oliver

Like you, I really like the idea of H5p OER hub but I use H5P with Wordpress so I cannot use it and participate by sharing my activities.
I thank you for your implication and hope it accelrates the integration in Wordpress.
By the way, the 400 studentrs of my schoool appreciated particulary your advent calendar content type.

Antonio, french teacher in a primary school

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Hi Saccoccio!

Thanks! From what I understood when talking to the H5P core team about the H5P OER Hub, it will receive a couple of improvements, and the existing integrations will be updated a little for that. Along those lines, when those updates are released, the integration into WordPress is going to be released as well (also including changes, of course).

Aaand thanks for praising the Advent Calendar. From a technical perspective it is horrible - I just coded it on one weekend without a plan, and the code looks that way :-) But if you like it, all the better. And there's an updated version that makes using a background image way easier ... I think the H5P core team is going to release it very soon.



Hi Oliver

First I want to thank you for your work in creating h5p content type.
I just used Tabs which is just fine. While using it, I asked myself a question.
Why do I have to recreate h5p activities that I have already done ?
Let me explain: let's imagine that I did three seperate h5p activities such as fill in the blanks, drag the words
and dialog cards. Now I want to create a Tabs activity that combines these three activities.
It's possible but I have to rewrite them.
Why wouldn't it be possible to just download them from the existing files made with the reuse button ?
The goal would be to save time and accept the loading of existing h5p files of type accepted by Tabs.
I'm not asking that you code this new feature but that you tell me if it's something possible or not for future h5p
content types that use existing types.
I'm sorry for my poor English and I hope that you understand my question.


Antonio french teacher

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Why do I have to recreate h5p activities that I have already done?

You don't have to. You can copy and paste them.

Also, once the H5P core team finishes their plans for the H5P Hub, you will be able to use it to create new/upload existing subcontent.