Unable to find constructor for: H5P.InteractiveVideo 1.24


when I viewed the course presentation on mod_h5pactiviy in moodle then their contents are not showing and Unable to find constructor for: H5P.InteractiveVideo 1.24 js error occurs 

moodle version 4.02

mod_h5pactivity version 2022041900

Content types: 
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This forum has seen plenty of similar questions about this problem with moodle's custom H5P integration. I don't know the cause, could be trouble with moodle's cron job that updates H5P libraries, but the error message is an indicator that the library H5P.InteractiveVideo was not installed properly or some cache is not serving things correctly. You may be able to solve this by downloading the demo content for Interactive Video and uploading it to the moodle site with sufficient rights to manage H5P libraries (or some admin will need to try that).



I followed these steps and fixed the issue.