Can 'sort the paragraphs' be unscored? Or 'not incorrect'?

I'd like to use 'sort the paragraphs' to get students to rank a list of attributes based on their personal circustances/opinion - so there should be no 'incorrect' answers. It seems there is no option to make all answers potentiually 'correct', as can be done with the 'drag and drop'.

Does anybody know if this can in fact be done?

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Hi Michael!

You didn't miss anything. Sort the Paragraph does not have that option.

I assume you're looking for something like "Priority Task" ( that was created for the Norwegian Digital Learning Arena (NDLA) but is not available on the H5P Hub (yet?). The H5P core team would have to answer that question. There are more than 10 content types that could already be used, but they're not on the Hub (yet?).

Not sure if the NDLA is providing some pre-built library that you can use or if it requires you to build it from the sources yourself ( That's a question for the NDLA.



Thank you for your reply. I am not sure how to go about building this activty from the sources you've referred to, or if I'm even allowed to (I'm a learning designer at a univeristy, but not IT admin, so I don't know that I can integrate a new H5P activity which hasn't been approved), so I think I'll need to stick with 'drag ad drop' (with all answeres 'correct') as the solution for now.

Cheers :-)

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Hi Micheal!

If you're not in a position to install new content types, then I fear that there's no good way currently, yes.