Video comments possible?

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I'd like to know if it's possible to let users comment interactive videos. Especially, it would be nice to pin these comments to a spot in the timeline of a video, although I guess it's not possible, because I didn't find anything about this.

So how long does it usually take for features on the feature list to get implemented? I know it depends extremely on the focus of the developers, but what I mean is, are we talking about month or about years?

Because I really need this feature in moodle and I like the h5p design, I am thinking about implementing it myself. I've seen a topic about .h5p files and about a moodle hook to customize content types. What's the difference? Can I just take the .h5p file of the interactive video plugin and customize it to fit my needs, should I use the hook, or am I on a completely wrong way?

Sorry for the question overload. I hope at least some of these questions will be answered.
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Hi AwDude,

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You are correct this is not possible as of the moment. In terms of implementation it depends on several factors. H5P is open source so anyone in the community can make their changes. Sometimes a member of a community picks up the request/suggestion and develops it for everyone. The core also picks up some of the requests which usually depends on funding and/or the number of people asking for it.

If you want to develop it yourself you can visit developer guide page for more details.

Don't sweat it about the questions it's a pleasure to answer them :-)


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You might want to look at where the idea of video annotation was also mentioned.

Hey, thanks a lot for the quick replies!

Especially the link mentioned in the related post is very interesting. I think its problematic that the data is stored on their server, but the UI looks quite good.
I'm sure if there was an existing commenting function in H5P, many people would use it. Hopefully I get the permission of my boss to spend time implementing this.

Best regards.

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Looking forward to seeing your solution if you'll be able to work on it.

Hi there, 

Not exactly what you are looking for but it is possible to provide Notes to users at the personal, course and site level in Moodle. It was very practical a few years back although am not sure what this feature looks like now. UofMinnesota's app has the advantage of tagging notes to the video which is cool, but even cooler I think, is to easily take notes. I've seen that before...was in WP or something else a few years back. 

To me the ideal format would be a post-it like window pop-up where the user would jot down notes and then click to integrate them into a main notebook. An automatic bookmarking option showing where the note was taken could be good as well.

Also...I forget what it's called, but dual note taking - meaning that a second column would open when a user returns to a set of notes to add thoughts - the important part is to show how the user has evolved since the initial notes were taken. So the first set might be a thought, or a copy/paste, while the second set of notes would delve further into the subject as the learner reflects.