Problem in uploading H5P activity (80 Mo) via the H5P plugin in Wordpress

Dear all,

I have installed the H5P plugin in our WordPress (5.4.12).

I can only upload activities of +-7,5 Mo but I can't upload my H5P activities of +- 80 Mo.

The maximum upload speed of our server as well as WordPress are correctly configured.

I deduce that the problem comes from the plugin, is the H5P plugin of WordPress also affected by the 16 MB restriction as for ?

How can I upload my larger activities via the H5P plugin?

Thank you for your attention to my problem.

Kind regards,

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Hi MC-Brusafe,

Firstly the settings within will not have any influence any other server and this includes the upload size limit. You mentioned "maximum upload speed", what you should be concerned about is the maximum upload limit, this blog article might help.

Lastly I would suggest that for future posts please include an error message (if any) or elaborate on the description of the issue. Stating "I can only upload activities of +-7,5 Mo but I can't upload my H5P activities of +- 80 Mo." may actually mean that the it is a file size issue but it could be something else. Checking the browser console may also help shed light on some issues.


Dear BV,

First of all, thank you for your comments and informations.


Secondly, as you mentioned, it seems that it is indeed a size problem. 

Here after, the error message I get after trying to upload my 83.1MB activity.


"Request Entity Too Large (413)

Impossible d'interpréter la réponse.

Merci de vérifier le journal des erreurs."


However, after consulting your link, the browser console and several checks the "Maximum Upload limit" on both our WordPress and our Hosting Provider is 128 MB. This should be enough for me to upload.

I guess that the problem is on the server side but I can't identify why. Would you have an idea? 

I will continue to investigate on my side.

Kind regards,

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That's a server configuration problem beyond H5P - H5P is merely relaying the error message. You do not only need to set the "upload_max_filesize" parameter of PHP, but also the "post_max_size" parameter wherever that might be in your configuration environment. On top of that, depending on what server software is used, you may need to check "client_max_body_size" (Nginx), "LimitRequestBody" (Apache) or potentially something else if you're using IIS.


Hi Oliver,

Thank you for your analysis and information.

I will investigate in this ways.

Sincerely yours